Erotic Massage Oils 101

Whether you’re aiming for a happy ending or just a relaxing experience, choosing the right massage oil will be the difference between a smooth, enjoyable event or something that leaves you sticky and irritated. Here is a brief, but useful guide to getting you started…   DIY OILS This is honestly the best route for any massage […]

Wearing Your Yoni Eggs Lke a Pro

Exercises with the Yoni Egg are used to strengthen the sexual area, so that your sexual energy can flow. These exercises energize and bleed your abdomen. Improved blood circulation also makes them more resistant to infections and fungal infections, incontinence and organ reduction. Cervix, uterus and ovaries are stimulated and massaged. The pelvic floor is […]

Best Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are a darling. They are firm enough to ensure a solid penetration and are durable enough to assure a lasting stay. But don’t worry, glass dildos won’t hurt. If you are into rough sex and looking for a fulfilling yet safe option, look no further than glass dildo toys. However, a bigger reason […]