Best Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are a darling. They are firm enough to ensure a solid penetration and are durable enough to assure a lasting stay. But don’t worry, glass dildos won’t hurt. If you are into rough sex and looking for a fulfilling yet safe option, look no further than glass dildo toys. However, a bigger reason behind the high end popularity of glass dildos is their ultra-smooth surface. In fact, you will be surprised to know the glass toy is even smoother than silicone or plastic dildos. And it applies even to glass toys with bumps or ridges.

You must be super curious now to try to a glass dildo yourself? Well, that’s amazing as the glass toy will open up a new world of pleasure before you. The post below lays down some important tips to consider while buying the best glass dildo for you, followed by a brief on how to use them.

Consider the make

The make of a glass dildo is very important to ensure a secured and enjoyable passion play with them. It’s to note here the best glass dildos are made from premium-level borosilicate glass to ensure a fracture-proof product.

Consider the size

This is another major point to consider while getting a glass dildo. If it’s too small, it can’t satisfy you. On the other hand, if the toy is too big, you may get hurt. Since you are a beginner, you better stick to glass dildos that are 1”-1.25” in diameter. In regards to the length, think about the length of your partner’s penis. If you don’t know the measurement, get cucumbers in various sizes. Clean them and wrap them in condoms. Then, insert them one by one till you reach the right size. Once you get the right size, measure it to find out the ideal length for your dildo. If you are comfortable with bigger sizes, there are some glass dildos that are as big as 8”.

Do you want something extra?

Are you looking for some extra pleasure? Well, who isn’t? The good news is today you have glass dildos with two ends to boost up your passion play big time. These are called double ended dildos as these are designed with dual inserting ends- one for anus and one for vagina. Usually, you will find them with ribbed end and curved ends. The curved end is mostly for the anal region while the ribbed part is for your clit. You can use it for solo pleasure or else you can also ask your partner to play it into your body for an awesome foreplay.

Easy cleaning

Though often overlooked yet cleaning is an important of sex toy routine. You must clean the dildo or any sex toy after and before every use. Do not ever insert a dirty dildo inside your body. Now, if the cleaning process is a hassle, you will soon lose interest on the toy. Thus, it’s better to look for a glass dildo that assures easy clean-up.

Get a comparative study

There is no dearth of glass dildos online. But you should not just settle with the first one you stumble upon online. Remember, it’s something that will come in touch with the delicate parts of your body- so be careful of the safety of the product. It’s advised to get a comparative survey on a list of glass dildos before you make the final call. Check their reviews, ratings posted by experts and also the testimonials from previous customers. The one you choose should be from a highly reputed brand and the product itself must be backed by stellar expert and customer ratings.

Buy from adult toy shops

Do not buy from regular retail sites even from the biggest names out there. It has been reported that most of the sex toys sold by such retail giants are fake. Thus, for safety reasons, it’s smarter to stick to adult toy shops only that are specialized for the niche.

Tips on using glass dildos

Here are some tips that will enable you to enjoy your glass dildo at its best.

Begin with external stimulation

You will start the glass play with little bit of external stimulation. Don’t thrust the dildo into your vagina just like that as it will hurt. The best way to start off is to rub the toy all across your whole body. Rub the toy on backs, shoulders and also on clitoris. If you are playing with your partner, ask him to rub it on you.

Lube it up

This is an extremely important part of using glass dildo or any sex toy for that matter. once you are completely stimulated, you should lube up the dildo. Apply lube near or vagina or anus- depending on where you are planning to insert. The good news is glass dildos are compatible with any kind of lubricants. But if you want to take the safest route, go for water-based ones. Experts advise to opt for organic lubes as these assure no side-effects.

Insert it

Once both you and the dildo have been sufficiently lubed up, you will insert it inside. Go slow and as you move in, try to twist the toy on either side to feel that desired stimulation. If your toy features bumps or ribs, the delight will be even more.

Enjoy temperature play

One of the best benefits of glass dildos is the pleasure of passion play in varied temperatures. You can heat it up in hot water if you craving for warmth in your nether regions. Submerge the toy in a pan of boiling water and keep it there for around 10 minutes. Then, take it out to see it’s compatible enough for your skin. Do not thrust a glass dildo too hot inside your body. Otherwise, if you are in a mood for some relaxing cool sensation, you can keep it in freezer for some hot chilled out fun. Just don’t put it there for more than 10 minutes.