The Different Faces of Urethral Sounds

Dilators for which the English name urethral sounds are often used which the term sounding descends from, which stands for playing with the urethra. In medical use, dilators are used for probing and dilating passageways in the body. Some people enjoy the pleasant feeling that dilators and penis plugs can give because the inside of the penis is full of nerves that are sensitive to stimulation.

Below we discuss the different types of dilators. We will also discuss about the materials and forms that are used to make dilators including guide to urethral sounding. You can visit this urethral plugs page to learn more.

See this article from vice about a guide to sounding.

Hegar dilator

Hegar dilators or sounds are soft curved penis dilators that have a different diameter on both sides. Both men and women can experience what fantastic feeling they can give. Both beginners and advanced can experience the intense sexy feeling when they slowly slide in and out of this sound. Because of the shape, it is ideal for beginners.

Van Buren dilator

Van Buren dilators or van Buren sounds are long, thin J shaped penis plugs that follow the shape of the penis. The curved shape is perfect for playing with a flaccid penis. This dilator is only suitable for playing with a flaccid penis, if you get an erection which of course is possible wait until the erection is gone before you remove it.

Rosebud dilator

This simple dilator has 3 names, Bakes dilator or Bakes sound, Rosebud dilator or Rosebud sound and Bullet dilator or Bullet sound. The dilator has a long handle with a shape at the end that resembles a rose bud. The shape stimulates the urethra like an anal chain does. Try to imagine the feeling when this sparkling dilator goes in and out of the top of your penis. These are often the favorite because the shape makes it easy to insert when the penis is stiff.

Dittle dilator

The Dittle dilator or Dittle sound is straight with a rounded top and have a flat end. They are loved by advanced and starters. Dilators come in different diameters, perfect for stretching the urethra, without having to worry about bends when you get stiff. The flat end ensures that you can hold it well so that you keep a good control. The flat end has even more advantages because it is a perfect conductor for your electro games. Easily attach an electro-path to the dilator and attach the other pad somewhere else and the real electro game can begin.

Pratt Dilator

The double-sided Pratt dilator or Pratt sounds are long urethra dilators that have more curvature than the Hegar dilators. The extra length and curvature mean that you can go that little bit further for that extra sensation. They generally have a different diameter at the end which means that you have two toys for the price of one. It is suitable for him and her.

Sim Dilator

The Sim dilator or Sim sound is a long curved dilator with a flat end so you can hold it better for better grip. Due to its length it is suitable for deep feelings and the tip ensures that it does not enter and this too is great for your electro games.

Hank Dilator

Hank dilator or Hank Sounds is also a curved dilator with two different diameters, a different dilator on each side. Popular in the fetish world because it has ridges that act as a stopper and ensure that the dilator cannot go beyond 8.9 cm. definitely worth a try if these are available. For the different shapes, sizes and models, take a look at the category dilators

Safety first – a little prevention is better than cure.

To start, sterilize your plug, sperm stopper or dilator first in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. We recommend after the plug has cooled down to wipe it with an alcohol wipe. Make sure your penis is clean; wash your hands with hot water and antibacterial soap. Clean is good, but sterile is better because your hands carry a lot of bacteria and are difficult to get sterile, because of your nails. We recommend that you wear surgical gloves during use.

What you need to do is use a penis plug with a rounded tapering shape, use a lot of sterile lubricant on a water basis and remove the plug before you cum. If you use a plug that has a curved shape, wait until the erection has decreased.

What you especially do not need to do anything just take what is takes to stop your penis. Immediately start with the larger or more extreme models. Push the penis plug, dilator or penis stick into your urethra.