The Most Popular Role Play Sex Scenarios and Costume Ideas

Dressing up for bedroom action is a major part of many fetishes and sex games. One such kink is role-playing, where people pretend to be doctors and patients, teachers and students, etc. But to pull off these roles more convincingly, they dress the part. Allow us to, therefore, introduce you to some of the most popular role play scenarios and costume ideas.

Getting Started With Role Play Sex

It’s not a secret that most couples lose that special thing in the bedroom that makes every encounter new and fun. Time takes its toll, regardless of who you are. So, sex therapists propose relationship advice like using sex toys, experimenting with sex positions, and even indulging in fantasies.


One of the best ways to rejuvenate your sex life is to start role-playing. To start, establish safe words and, most importantly, consent. Without these two, good sex will remain only a dream, and you might damage your relationship.

How to Talk to Your Partner About It?

Communication is the basis of any successful relationship. Therefore, if you have something on your mind like a sexual fantasy, it’s best to let it all out. If your partner isn’t aware of how role-playing works, explain all the details. From what you’re looking for to how you look to accomplish it with them by your side.


Of course, it’s essential to be ready for a negative response. But instead of getting angry, you should consider their position and rethink your idea together. There’s always a middle ground that will eventually pave the way for what you really want.

Popular Role Play Sex Scenarios and The Perfect Costume

  1. Nurse/Patient

A common role-playing scenario is that of a nurse and a patient. The basic idea is that one of you comes to your doctor’s office for a health check. And since they’re doing a from-head-to-heels examination, the patient will need to undress before the doctor comes.


All you need is a nurse outfit, and that’s it. Of course, you can take things to another level with a pair of glasses, a stethoscope, and even some massage oil. You can also use a white coat if the idea of a doctor and nurse hooking up in the health facility turns you on.

  1. Uniformed Personnel or Military Officer

There’s just something so inherently sexy about men and women in uniforms. They can be cops, soldiers, or any other uniformed personnel — it doesn’t matter. Their uniform makes them hot as all hell. Therefore, this is a common role-playing fantasy for men and women of all sexual orientations.

Just like with nurse/patient role-playing, all you need is one uniform. Luckily, you can purchase all sorts of fake police and army uniforms online. And if you fantasize about two uniformed personnel getting it on in a cantina, well, order two. Either way, it will be great if one of you plays an authoritative figure while the other one acts all submissive.

  1. Maid

Aren’t French maids just the sexiest women out there? Well, okay, there are other hotties, but you got to give them credit. Moreover, you might have to provide them with some cock. Just imagine yourself on a business trip in Paris in a hotel room, bored as hell. Suddenly, your hot maid comes, and you establish eye contact. Boom! It’s on, baby.


Maid outfits are easy to find online. All you need to do is to type what you want, and you’ll find all sorts of classic and a bit more provocative dresses. But that’s not all. To spice things up, one of you can play the role of the hotel manager.

  1. School Girl

It’s no wonder porn is full of videos of women wearing schoolgirl uniforms. With their high socks, checkered skirts, shirts, and ties, they simply look adorable. And when you pair them with a horny headmaster, you get a perfect porno combo. As such, it’s easy to understand why this role-playing is so popular.


Finding a school girl uniform is as easy as one, two, three. You can shop around town for particular garments or buy them all online at Both will work just fine. A good sex tip is to get an apple for the school girl and maybe a ruler for the headmaster to spank his lover a bit.

  1. Naughty Secretary — Boss Relationship

A boss-secretary affair is a common trope in many erotica novels, and it’s simple yet effective due to the power dynamics between them. Moreover, it’s even naughtier since the boss is usually married and is prone to cheating. This one doesn’t need more explaining.

When it comes to the costumes, this one is the easiest of all. All you require are some fancy clothes you’d wear to work: a suit and a tie for the boss and an elegant skirt for the secretary. She can also wear some sexy glasses while she’s at it.

  1. Cheerleader

This one is similar to the school girl role-playing. The scene should take place in the school, or more appropriately, in the locker room. There, a naughty cheerleader seduces her coach with some dirty talk while her peers are playing the match outside.


For the outfit, just wear some sportswear you have at home. The girl can put on some long sports socks and maybe tie a ponytail to complete her look. On the other hand, the coach can wear a cap and a whistle around his neck.

  1. Sexy Cat Woman

Lastly, we need to mention a role-play scenario that’s not so close to real life. Namely, a sexy cat woman is something you’d see in Batman films. But let’s be honest, she’s always hot, no matter if it’s Zoë Kravitz or Michelle Pfeiffer playing her.

To get her look, you can check out some black latex outfits and masks online. There are plenty of them out there — you just need to pick the right size. Your partner can be another Batman character or the world’s greatest detective himself.