Wearing Your Yoni Eggs Lke a Pro

Exercises with the Yoni Egg are used to strengthen the sexual area, so that your sexual energy can flow. These exercises energize and bleed your abdomen. Improved blood circulation also makes them more resistant to infections and fungal infections, incontinence and organ reduction. Cervix, uterus and ovaries are stimulated and massaged. The pelvic floor is strengthened and you learn to control your muscles and use them consciously for your sexual activity. The exercises with a Yoni egg give you a greater sexual sensation potential and increase your orgasmability. You can also get a “vaginal” orgasm by strengthening your muscles without penetration.

Yoni egg yogahas, as the name suggests, an egg shape and are usually made of healing stones. The most popular stones for sexual exercises are rose quartz, jade and rock crystal. You can find these gems here.

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Exercises with Yoni Egg should not be used for vaginal or fungal infections, inflammation of the urogenital tract or during menstruation.

Make sure that you are not disturbed for a while. If you want, you can also put on nice music.

Begin by introducing your warm, possibly slightly oiled egg into your yoni with the blunt side first. You can put one foot on a chair and go down to your knees, which makes insertion easier. Of course it makes sense to stimulate yourself slightly before opening your yoni.

Take a relaxed sitting position, sit upright and make sure your neck is long and straight. Bring your chin slightly towards the neck pit.

Contract and relax alternately your love muscle (PC muscle) and count in the following way: inhale, hold breath, contract, and count in thought to twelve, slowly exhale, relax, continue to breathe normally and in thoughts again count to twelve. Repeat this several times. Initially, you should only do this exercise for a few minutes, otherwise you might get sore. Later, you can practice for up to twenty minutes.

Then feel your energy. Then start with the tantric energy breath: inhale with a slightly advanced mouth and exhale with a loud enjoyable Hamah again.

  • Retain this tantric energy breath and contract your yon musculature during inhalation, releasing it on exhalation on Hamah.
  • Repeat this 10 times very slowly, 10 time’s medium fast, 10 times fast.
  • Follow this exercise and watch the energy spread throughout your body.
  • If you want, you can now do some pelvic exercises with your yoni egg.

Place your feet shoulder-width parallel to each other so that your toes point straight forward. Drop slightly and place your hands on the sides of your hips or place one hand on the yoni and the other on the back of the coccyx.

Start again with the tantric energy breath by inhaling with your mouth and exhaling with a deep hair. As you inhale, you contract your PC muscle, releasing it as you exhale, as you did in the previous exercises. Continue this breathing throughout the exercise.

  • Now begin to circle with the pelvis, as if you wanted to describe a circle with your yoni. Circle first right then left
  • Then describe a lying eight with the pelvis. Also this exercise makes them first right, then left.

Finally, lie on your back and watch the energy spread throughout your body. Let the heat expand into all cells of the body and your sexual energy will enlighten and rejuvenate all body cells. Say the sentence: “I am boundless energy, I am love.” Finally, direct your energy into the middle around your navel to close the pelvic floor again.

You can also leave your egg in yoni for a long time. Her muscles unconsciously deal with the egg and the healing effect of the stone lasts even longer.

If you want to take the egg out, try using your Yoni egg push out and pull only on the ribbon, when there is no other way. Maybe you realize that you do not need a ribbon.

Execution options:                

Retracting the egg while lying down

We introduce the egg into the vagina about 1 phalanx of the finger, hand hold the cord. You can use a lubricant. We contract the muscles of the perineum, pull the anus inside. The egg makes a slight movement, and this is felt by the tension of the lace. The egg was slightly delayed and the pelvic muscles were relaxed, and the egg was pulled out of the cord to its initial position, as close as possible to the entrance, but so that it did not slip.

Putting the egg in while standing. Always completely relax the crotch, the egg will fall as low as possible. Many women do not feel the movement of eggs in the first days of training. This is normal; the sensitivity of the vaginal canal inside is rather weak. Gradually, this sensitivity increases, and the egg will no longer be “lost.”

What to do, if:

Oiled egg with complete relaxation does not move down on their own? (As a rule, this is what happens to those who have not given birth):

Focus on relaxation, letting go of the abdomen and buttocks, which can be tense unnoticed by you. This will help the egg to sink below. Then we pull up, hold for a few seconds in the highest possible position and relax again.

If the egg does not fall at all, you need to load it with a thread not with a heavy load (maximum 100-200g).

Oiled egg with complete relaxation falls out of the vagina? This is due to the short pubic bone, the direct position of the vagina or the weak muscle tone of the perineum. Try this option: enter the egg about 1 phalanx of the finger and hold it inside with your finger, it does not allow it to fall out with weakened muscles. Then try to tighten the muscles, hold the egg up for a few seconds, relax and let the egg fall back onto the finger.